In 2008 I discovered my love for avant-garde makeup and began photo-journaling all my creations as well as making videos for YouTube where I interacted with others who shared my love for all things makeup. Now, ten years later, it’s over.

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering what happened to ThePinkLadyJ; my YouTube, my Flickr, my Blog, my Facebook, etc. They’re gone. I’ve unlisted all of my old videos, deleted all my Facebook page posts and photos, set all my Flickr photos to private, and deleted all my blog posts. Why? Because after a decade of sharing my love for makeup online, I feel like it’s over.

I did leave everything up for quite a while, just to allow random people who discovered my work, or who returned to revisit old memories, to enjoy my old content, but after lots of copyright infringement issues and other instances of people abusing my work, I’ve decided it’s best just to remove all of my content.

I enjoyed sharing my hobby for almost a decade, but my life is going in a different direction right now. I’m focusing, instead, on my writing, which has been going really well. I no longer have time for online makeup projects, and frankly, I no longer have the interest. Don’t get me wrong, I do still love makeup, and I do still have my ridiculously oversized collection, but because my collection is so large, I don’t feel like I need or want to buy any more makeup in my life. I still wear my crazy bright makeup every chance I get, but now it’s only for my own enjoyment, and I’m okay with that.

If you’re here because you were once one of my subscribers or followers, please let me take this moment to thank you so very much for any kindness, support, or encouragement given to me throughout the years. Interacting with others who loved makeup as much as I, is was what made my hobby even more meaningful and enjoyable and from the bottom of my heart. Thank you! <3

So what does this mean?

No more Youtube, no more Blog, no more photojournal, but I am not disappearing from the world entirely.

For those few of you who remain that have any small interest in my boring little life, there are still a few places where I can be found, albeit, in a non-makeup capacity.

There is my personal Instagram, which you are welcome to follow. An occasional makeup photo or OOTD might make an appearance, but it’s mostly just me taking pictures of my random interests and explorations out in the world.

I do have another Blog/Website that is dedicated to my writing which you are welcome to follow – J.M. Riddles. There you can find all of my stories and novels and assorted blog posts about writing in general.

I have my writing Twitter account @JM_Riddles. I follow back, btw. So feel free to say Hi at any time. I mostly tweet about writing, but other occasional life updates sometimes pop up.

This is ThePinkLadyJ, signing off!