Sweaty Summer Makeup Recommendations + ELOTD

August 24th, 2014

It’s August, and for most people summer is wrapping up, but not here in Texas. I was warned fall takes a long time to set in. Except for the high humidity, Texas weather (where I am anyway) is hot, but cooler than most of the summer weather I was used to in California. Here it seems to stay in the steady high 90s, low 100s, whereas in California (So-Cal and Central California where I was originally from) I could expect weather to go as high as the high 110s and low 120s. Texas weather feels worse though, thanks to the humidity. No matter how hot it got in California; at least the heat was dry. Fall didn’t set in in California until about Mid to Late October, and I have a feeling it’ll be much the same here in Texas. So for those of us still stuck dealing with summer heat, and who will be expecting more of it; I have some Summer Makeup recommendations. If it’s already getting nice and cool where you live (well first of all, I hate you, you lucky bastard!!) then perhaps these recommendations will come in handy for next year’s summer.
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