Sugar Pill Eyeshadow Swatches

I don’t own “all” of the Sugar Pill eyeshadows, but I do own many; in both palettes and pigments. Some people note that some of the Sugar Pill shades are a little similar so I decided to make this post and provide close-up swatches to compare these shades.

Lets start with their pinks!

Pinks: Dollipop – Top Left, Hotsy Totsy – Top Right, Birthday Girl – Bottom Left, Magentric – Bottom Right

Dollipop: is more of a hot-pink and is matte.

Hotsy Totsy: leans a bit more fuchsia and has a subtle shimmer to it.

Birthday Girl: A very sparkly pastel pink.

Magentric: I always though magenta should have a little bit more of a purple lean to it, whereas this color is more of a super shimmery medium pink. Perhaps a touch cool-tone.

Blues: Afterparty – Top Left, Velocity – Top RIght, Royal Sugar – Bottom Left, Magpie – Bottom Right

Afterparty: Is a medium blue that leans a tad warm and is matte.

Velocity: is a deep primary blue and matte.

Royal Sugar: i.e; Royal Disappointment! Let me just rant that this shadow has to be either applied wet or over a sticky base, or it seriously will not apply worth a shit. I hate having to do extra things to “force” a shadow to work the way it should, but there’s no way around it with Royal Sugar. Particularly disappointing because it’s such a beautiful color. Very similar to Velocity but way more shimmery.

Magpie: Another loose pigment like Royal Sugar, and it also suffers the same problem of not applying well unless wet or over a sticky base. It’s a very dark navy shimmer.

Greens: Clickbait – Top Left, Midori – Top Center, Acidberry – Top Right, Junebug – Bottom Left, Mint Soda – Bottom Right

Clickbait: is a medium foresty green and very shimmery.

Midori: is a perfect secondary green shade and matte.

Acidberry: is a matte lime green.

Junebug: is an iridescent foresty green with lots of shimmer.

Mint Soda: is not mint at all, its very much a lime sort of green and very shimmery.

Miscellaneous: Tako – Top Left, Buttercupcake – Top Right, Flamepoint – Middle Left, Goldilux – Middle RIght, Tiara – Bottom

These colors are all quite unique and don’t have much to compare to, but I included them anyway.

Tako: Matte white. One of the most pigment matte whites you can get.

Buttercupcake: Matte primary yellow and very pigmented.

Flamepoint: Perfect secondary orange matte shade.

Goldilux: Metallic Gold. Looks awesome when applied wet, but it does work dry as well.

Tiara: Metallic Silver. We’re talking shiiiiny. Very. I love this silver. It does get super metallic when applied wet and is mostly just shiny shimmery when dry.

Purples: Poison Plum -Top Left, 2am – Top Right, Frostine – Bottom

UGH! Gross!! Note to self: don’t swatch over your damn veins anymore O_o

Poison Plum: Matte secondary purple with a very subtle pink sheen.

2am: is a matte purple that leans more warm that Poison plum.

Frostine: is a matte pastel lavender shade. There isn’t anything “frosty” in Frostine. I didn’t know where else to group this so I tossed it in with the rest of the purples, but it’s a pretty unique shade as far as Sugar Pill shadows go.

Reds: Love+ – Top Left, @#$%! – Top Right, Asylum – Bottom Left, Countess – Bottom Right

My most faaaaaavorite category – REDS!!

Love+: is a primary matte red. Probably the 2nd best primary matte red I’ve ever known in my life (and #1 isn’t made anymore apparently). This shade, for a red, blends beautify and is uber pigmented. No color bleed.

@#$%!: is a slightly pinker, warmer, version of Love+, plus it has a very small amount of glitter in it.

Asylum: A slightly blue-based red shimmer. Very similar to TKB’s Hot Mama mica, but this is a complete shadow that applies and blends beautifully.

Countess: This is a burgundy wine sort of red; very deep, cool-toned and shimmery.

Teals: Candycrush – Top Left, Lumi – Top Center, Mochi – Top Right, Hug Life – Bottom Left, Darling – Bottom Right

These are the teals/aqua shades.

Candycrush: is actually not teal or aqua but is closest to Lumi in comparison so I threw it in this group. I apologize that this swatch picture made these look a tad more green than they are in real life. Candycrush is a frosty cool baby blue.

Lumi: is a white with a turquoise iridescence and sparkle.

Mochi: is a slightly shimmery aqua sort of shade. Its a perfect dupe for Mac Aquadesiac but WAY more pigmented.

Hug Life: is a teal that leans more green and has shimmer.

Darling: is a teal that leans more cool and has shimmer and sparkle in it.

Peaches: Kitten Parade – Left, and Charmy – Right

Kitten Parade: is a shimmer peachy pink that has a gold/orange iridescence to it.

Charmy: is also a Peachy shade that leans more orange than Kitten Parade does. It has more of a sparkle than a frost.

The pigmentation is excellent on all of these shadows, even the pastels and whites. The only shadows I have a problem with are some of the loose pigments that require sticky base or wet application to achieve actual color payoff. I have already reviewed Sugar Pill shadows and they’re one of my top favorite shadow brands, so I do love them and I do recommend them.

Hopefully this swatch post will help you decide on which shades you’d like to try.

FTC Disclaimer: I paid for these products with my own money. All opinions expressed are based on my personal experiences with these products.

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