The results of 2016 “Shop Your Stash”

July 6th, 2016

I finished playing “Shop Your Stash” lip product challenge back in mid April, but I’ve been very busy since moving out to the desert and have also been spending a lot of time writing so Youtube and my blog have taken a backseat. I was hoping to shoot some videos a couple weeks ago when I had time…and then my AC the desert…for 7 days…and every day was 107+ degrees…god why? I figured I’d post this anyway –  better late than never.

My lipstick drawer. Not pictured are any of my lip glosses, crutch products, or self made lipsticks.

If you’re not familiar with how I usually play “Shop Your Stash” with my lip products, here’s my post from 2014. I did play in 2015, but I think I only mentioned it in my videos and never blogged about it.

To shortly sum it up; for the duration of the challenge I am not allowed to use lip products that I use constantly. I call them “crutch” products because I lean on them all the time and tend to ignore most of the rest of my collection. For the duration of the challenge I am supposed to use one of my more neglected lip products every day, until I’ve used everything I own. This way I can weed out colors I don’t want anymore, things that have gone bad, or maybe I want to switch something that was neglected and replace one of my crutch products with it. Usually I also try to time my challenge and compete it within less than 3 months, but this year I couldn’t do the time challenge due to the fact that we moved from Texas to California towards the end of my SYS challenge, and I wasn’t exactly in a glamours state to be wearing a lot of lipstick. I hope to be able to pick up the time challenge again for 2017, but for 2016 I just had to content myself with working my way through my collection.

This year I had to set aside 23 Crutch products, which gave me 72 lip products to work my way through (one for each day). For this challenge I count lipstick, lip lacquer, lip gloss, liquid lipstick, lipstick I made myself, and lip lusters. I do not count lip balm or moisturizers as they are generally colorless and more of a necessity (at least for me they are – gimmie moisture damnit!).

Here are my results:

Lip Products to give away due to not liking them anymore: 0! It’s been quite a few years since I’ve just given away/tossed lipstick just because I didn’t like it. This usually only happened to me when I would receive unflattering free with purchase colors, or gifts from well meaning friends and relatives, that just didn’t suit my tastes, but in the past few years nothing has entered my collection that I do not absolutely adore.

Lip Products that had to be thrown away due to spoiling: 1! Not bad. One of my better years as far as “products gone bad” goes. Usually I have to toss 2-4 lip products that have gone stale or spoiled somehow, but I only had to toss one stale lipstick, and it was one I made myself.

Crutch Replacements: 3! This was a particularly good year for finding new loves in my collection to switch out for some of my crutch products.

I highly encourage anyone with a sizable collection and perhaps a few too many Crutch products to give the Shop Your Stash challenge a try. These personal challenge games are a great way to encourage ourselves to utilize what we have, enjoy what we have, and let go of things we don’t want or can’t use anymore.

I hope to get more Youtube videos up soon – providing life will give me a break. I plan to film a new Makeup Collection video and a new Empties video, as well as some things for my Vlog channel. Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram to keep up with all my travels and occasional makeup pics.

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