Oh my God, she’s taken this pink thing WAAAY too far!


Other than braids, buns, clips, or certain styles I can make with bobby pins, I don’t do much with my hair. I used to dye the front parts of my hair pink, but I never bothered to do ALL of my hair because it would cost a lot of time and money, just to wash out in 3-4 weeks, but circumstances are different right now, so I figured – “What the hell?”

Now here’s the thing about my hair, as I’m sure at least most of you know, it’s over three feet long, and therefore bleaching my hair is NOT an option. I will do NOTHING that will permanently damage my hair. Regular hair dyes that use ammonia or peroxide bleach hair by stripping it of its natural color, which allows the hair dye to stick to the hair better. But for me, that’s not bueno! Which is why I use Manic Panic. Both Dickie and I have used Manic Panic dyes for years, and we know which dyes show up over my naturally brown hair, and we also know which dyes will wash out completely and not stain.

Here’s a closeup of the length in good lighting.

Now one of my lovely friends suggested Pravana Vivids, and I know that’s a particularly popular dye right now. So, believe it or not, I did buy a tube of the Pravana hot pink and tested it on a couple of small strands…and it wasn’t great. Instead of pink it was kind of a washed out red, and I swear that stuff completely disappeared after only a couple washings, so sorry, Pravana cannot be my new baby. I know that dye works fantastic over hair that’s been bleached, but it didn’t seem to hold over my non-bleached hair at all.

For those wondering, it took three 1oz bottles of Manic Panic Amplified Hot Hot Pink to dye all my hair (well technically 2 2/3, but we’ll call it 3). At about $12 a pop on Amazon, that’s not that bad. I know some women who pay waaaay more at a salon, so price wise it isn’t so bad, providing I can keep the color around for more than a month.

I dyed it at home myself, but Dickie did help me by doing the back of my head because naturally, I can’t see back there. No, I didn’t make a mess, and yes, even I’m surprised about that. A garbage bag shirt, a few pairs of rubber gloves, plastic covers for my ears, and tea tree oil soap to remove any dye that got where it shouldn’t have and cleanup was actually pretty easy.

You’re probably wondering “so why now?” Well if you’ve seen my latest YouTube Video you’ll know I am now more than halfway through a treatment of Accutane. Accutane is a very powerful prescription medication to permanently eradicate acne. One of the ways that it works is by preventing your body from producing oil, resulting in very dry skin and lips…and also…a dry scalp. Because my scalp is so dry now, for the first time ever, I can go 4-5 days between washings, whereas I used to have to wash my hair every single day because the oil was so bad. If the Accutane treatment is successful, post treatment I shouldn’t be quite so dry, but I will no longer be as oily as I was pre-Accutane either, so (fingers crossed) I still shouldn’t have to wash my hair quite so much as I used to. This is the golden opportunity I’ve been waiting for because the best way to help the dye last is by not over washing one’s hair.

Another reason why now is a good time is that my best friend recently was visiting me from out of state and she had had her hair dyed purple at a salon, and I was blown away by how vivid her color was, even though she claimed to have had it dyed over four months prior. She told me her stylist had given her a special colored shampoo to help keep the color fresh and that’s how I found out about Celeb Luxury Viral Extreme Color Wash (mine is in Hot Pink). I ordered it from Amazon because it’s not available in stores as it is a professional product. I’ve used it a couple of times at the time of making this blog post, and it is VERY pink, and so far my hair hasn’t seemed to have faded at all since the initial dying. I intend to give this product a review on my YouTube channel in perhaps a couple more months, after I’ve had more time to test it out and see if it really does keep my hair as pink as I’d like, but so far I’m quite impressed.

I’m thinking about keeping my hair pink, perhaps indefinitely, though in case I change my mind I am sticking with Manic Panic which will at some point completely wash out if I ever give up on using the fancy shampoos and stop retouching the color. The reason why I’m thinking of sticking with the crazy colors is because I’m going gray…reeeeally gray. It’s my dad’s fault. I inherited his hair type, and he went gray very young (in his 20s), and like him, I started getting a bunch of gray hair starting in my early twenties, now at 33, the gray has become rather ridiculous and considering conventional dyes are out of the question for me, semi-permanent, wash-out dyes are the only option available to me. I always said that some day when I went gray, I’d just dye my hair all kinds of crazy colors (cause let’s face it, crazy colors show up over gray wonderfully), and it seems that I’m finally at that state in life. I guess getting old isn’t all bad, cause I don’t mind the colorful hair journey ahead of me. It wasn’t too hard to dye my own hair (it took a couple of hours, but if I only have to do it every 2-3 months that’s not bad).

So yeah, the pink might be here to stay.

It was overcast when this picture was taken so the lighting is poor and it looks red, but it’s a super nice magenta in real life.

Also, as a side note, the dye has made my hair suuuuper soft. Like “damn,” I did not know I’d have such a great benefit, but I’ll take it! And if you’re wondering about other colors I’ve tried almost all the Manic Panic dyes and the only colors that will show over my natural light brown are the Hot Hot Pink and the reds, the rest either stain, don’t show up at all, or show up as black because they’re too dark. So it’s Red, Pink, or nothin, and of course, I’m going pink!


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