The results of 2016 “Shop Your Stash”

July 6th, 2016

I finished playing “Shop Your Stash” lip product challenge back in mid April, but I’ve been very busy since moving out to the desert and have also been spending a lot of time writing so Youtube and my blog have taken a backseat. I was hoping to shoot some videos a couple weeks ago when I had time…and then my AC the desert…for 7 days…and every day was 107+ degrees…god why? I figured I’d post this anyway –  better late than never.

My lipstick drawer. Not pictured are any of my lip glosses, crutch products, or self made lipsticks.

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The results of 2014 “Shop Your Stash” & Manicure of the Week

April 2nd, 2014

As some of you who follow me on my youtube may know; I have once again been participating in a “Shop Your Stash” challenge. What is “Shop Your Stash?” you may ask. Shop Your Stash, or SYS cause I’m already tired of typing the whole name, is a personal game/challenge that a person can do with their own makeup stash (kind of like how project 10 pan is a personal challenge game for makeup collectors). Continue reading